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Sharing Saturday! Beautiful Delusions Excerpt!

May contain adult content! Not for those under 18!

I don’t usually do the whole shameless self promotion thing… but I would like to share an excerpt from my newest release cuz…reasons! Hahaha! Here is a picture of my cover!bd

If you haven’t checked out the book yet it is free on Kindle Unlimited!

So here we go! An excerpt of my new release! Beautiful Delusions!


Saturday morning I went for my run, just like every other morning. Running helped to clear my head. After the endless sex dreams I had of Kaylee the night before, releasing that pent up energy was something I definitely needed. Too bad the universe hated me because no matter how many miles I did, I knew would not get a clear head from my run. My phone rang about two miles in and I had to stop.
“What’s up?”
“Hey man, Trey just called. He said he might have a lead on the hacker, and he needs my help. Can you watch Kaylee today?” Mac asked.
“What about Twitch?”
“Man, you know Twitch goes and volunteers at the old folk’s home every Saturday,” he reminded me.
I hung my head and blew out a strangled breath. This was not how I planned to spend my day, but I didn’t trust anyone else watching Kaylee.
“All right, I’ll run home and shower, then I will go sit at her house.”
There was an audible sigh of relief on the other end of the line and I knew he was worried about her too.
“What’s going on, Mac?” I asked.
“I have a bad feeling about this guy who’s been following her. He doesn’t match the description or the mugshot of the guy who beat her in Texas,” he said slowly.
“What do you mean? I thought you said it was Tyler!” I raged.
“Chill Griffin! I thought it was but I just got the file on him, and the guy I have been seein’ doesn’t look like the guy who is in this mugshot. For one, he is much too tall.”
“Shit! So if it’s not Tyler then who the fuck is it?” I asked myself as well as Mac.
“I don’t know, bro, but whatever you do, don’t let her out of your sight today.”
“There is no chance of that happening. I’ll be there in an hour,” I replied and hung up.
I pushed myself harder than I had in years. I made it back to the apartment in fourteen minutes and six seconds. I was showered and out the door in no time. I took Bella, my Alaskan Huskie and retired service dog, with me for company. She loved going for rides in the truck.
It was a couple hours of sitting outside Kaylee’s house before there was any kind of action. Tara showed up and Kaylee brought two of the most beautiful kids (besides my nephew) out of the house and to Tara’s truck. Kaylee’s daughter looked just like her but with darker features. She had olive toned skin and dark chocolate brown hair and eyes. She was tall. Kaylee was not short in girl-terms, but I knew Leanne was only eleven and almost her height. She had long lean muscles where her mom was curvier.
Lance was only three, yet he was a giant three year old. He probably made my little nephew Mikey look like a doll. Lance had light skin and hair and hazel eyes. He was pudgy where his sister was thin, but they both looked just like her.
I waited for Tara to pull out of the driveway and drive a ways before I started following them.
They pulled into the busy park next to Leanne’s school and let the kids out. I was happy at least one thing was going right that day. At a park I would be able to walk relatively close without them seeing me. I got Bella’s collar out of the glove box and opened the door to the truck.
“Come on, Bella!” I called, and she jumped down and waited for me to put her leash on.
My phone started ringing and I realized it was Tara. I looked up and saw a crowd standing around near the pavilion.
“Tara? What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.
“How close are you to River…?”
I interrupted her words. “I’m here, walking my dog, where are you?”
“The pavilion, Kaylee is having an episode.” She sounded nervous.
I hung up and ran with Bella to the pavilion and found Kaylee huddled on the ground rocking back and forth. I never got used to seeing someone having a flashback. Eyes open, but unseeing.
She was seeing something completely different from reality. I couldn’t help but scoop her into my arms and wait for it to pass. That had to be the most helpless feeling in the world.

So a long with the excerpt I have to do a last shameless plug! Pick up your copy of Beautiful Delusions at Amazon today! $3.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited!!

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Flash Fiction Time!!! But remember, Just for tonight

This story is not for those under the age of 18 there is explicit material that should only be read by adults!!

He was the most despicable being alive. Or, that was what he kept telling himself. He couldn’t help it though. The bond was getting stronger every day and his wolf kept snarling in the background telling him to take her to claim her as his. He couldn’t though. He had to wait until she was ready to hear it.
He chuckled to himself when he remembered her ranting about losing her mind. She noticed his very human gestures and thought herself to be crazy. If only she knew what was really going on.
He shifted every night and sat on the edge of her bed watching her sleep. He swiped her hair back from her face and invaded her mind. It was something he could do with his mate. All shifters could. As the bond grew he could hear more and more of her thoughts. He could see her fantasies and grew hard at the idea of her fantasizing about him. Her eyes opened briefly and she looked at him with a puzzled frown before deciding this was a dream and becoming bold.
She reached up and drew him to her. His wolf howled excitedly in his mind at the thought of claiming its mate. The man was torn between right and wrong. He knew it was wrong but he let her pull him in for a searing kiss. The kiss was desperate all lips teeth and tongue. He couldn’t get enough of her and before long he flipped her over on to her back and was above her braced on his elbows. Kissing a trail down her neck and nipping her with his teeth. His wolf snarled again. His instinct was to take what he needs and never apologize. The man new better. He would enjoy kissing her in her sleep fueled haze but he would go no further. He would not take advantage of her sleep addled mind and risk losing her. His wolf attempted to push to the surface but he held him back.
He heard the consent in her mind. He heard what she really wanted and it nearly undid him. Her breathy moan just made it even worse. He finally conceded to his wolf and took what was his.
Just before he pushed himself inside her scorching hot heat he reminded his wolf of one thing.
“But remember, just for tonight.”

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Interview with Kay MacLeod Heirs of Power!

Thank you for this interview! I’d like to know more about you as a person first. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Thank you for having me, Ember!

There are things to do other than writing? Haha, I do use most of my free time for either working on a book, promotion, or learning writing craft. When I’m not doing any of that, I love gaming- I’m a huge Pokémon fan and I’ve played World of Warcraft for a long time. I enjoy anything fantasy related, like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. I spend time with my church too, I play bass guitar there and we have a great time!


When did you start writing?

I started seriously at the end of 2014, but I have bits and pieces of stories from when I was at school. I can’t remember ever not having my head full of adventures. I have way more pictures I drew as a kid than pieces of writing because that was the best way I knew how to express what I was creating at the time.


As a published author, what would you say was the most pivotal point of your writing life?

Just deciding to do it. Instead of thinking ‘I’d like to write a book’ I changed it to ‘I am going to write a book.’ That flick of a switch inside made a dream into reality, instead of sitting down and doing something when I felt like writing, I made a plan and stuck to it. There were a lot of harder things and more significant milestones but they wouldn’t have happened without that initial choice to pursue what I wanted to do.


If you could go anywhere in the world to start writing your next book, where would that be and why?

I would go to a quiet little house in the Lake District in the north-west of England. It has the most beautiful scenery, mountains all around and waterfalls everywhere. I’ve never lived there, but every time I visit I feel like I’m going home. I could happily cosy up and write there forever, looking at that landscape and listening to the rain.


If you had 4 hours of extra time today, what would you do?

I would write, of course 😉 I wish every day came with an extra four hours of writing time!


Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?

As a fantasy author, I don’t really write about real places. I’ve got a few interesting worlds lined up to set future stories in, but all of them are my own creations and are liable to change by the time I get to writing about them. I would dread trying to set a story somewhere real, I’m so unobservant! I drift through life with my mind so set on places that don’t exist that I wouldn’t even be able to describe my home town very well.

Most of my ideas are for worlds that are medieval-style but I think it will be nice to write a modern fantasy at some point, though that would still be in a setting from my imagination.


Back to your present book, Heirs of Power, how did you publish it?

I self-published using Amazon’s KDP service for the Ebook and Createspace for paperbacks. I just want to say thank you to the many, many people that helped to make it possible, I couldn’t have done it without you all!


In writing your book, did you travel anywhere for research?

Does traveling in my head count? I think to create a believable fantasy world you do have to take time constructing it, not just think about characters and plot, otherwise you end up with a bland setting. When readers think back on it they mix up places or events if there isn’t something that makes an impression on them about the surroundings.


Why was writing Heirs of Power so important to you?

It’s my debut novel! I think that no matter how many books I write, it will always have a special place in my heart. I have a lot of ideas and I plan on working through them, but I fell in love with the characters for this series instantly and there was no way I wasn’t going to share them with other people. Asher is very pushy, he wants me to get his story down so people will love him as much as he loves himself…


Where do you get your best ideas and why do you think that is?

My best ideas come when I’m not thinking about them, sometimes when I’m asleep I have amazing dreams and have to quickly write them down as soon as I wake up. Other times I know exactly what I’m writing and then suddenly BOOM and I’m like ‘it would be so cool if I did this instead!’

I don’t know exactly why this is, I’m grateful though, my work would be really boring if I had to try and come up with stuff on purpose.


What are you currently working on? Do you have any new projects released in the coming months? If so, tell us about them.

At the moment, I’m writing the next book of The Constellation Saga, it’s called The Mage-Lord’s Legacy. I’m about three-quarters of the way through my first draft and I think it should be ready for release at the end of the year, it keeps getting bigger though thanks to all these pesky random ideas!


Now it’s time for my favorite part. This? Or That?

Q: Winter or Summer? *

These are the only two seasons I’m happy with, I’m such an arachnophobe that I spend the entirety of Autumn and Spring on edge because they are in my house!!! In Winter, they are gone, in Summer they stay outside, therefore I am content. A lot of my life is spent making sure I don’t go near any spiders. They freak me out so badly!

Q: Bath or Shower? *

Shower for sure, it’s so much faster and more convenient. Also, I have pretty long hair so it’s better for rinsing out the shampoo. When I was younger I used to read in the bath a lot though, it really annoyed my parents, haha.

Q: Coffee or Soda? *

I think this question is broken… Tea is life!

Q: Sausage or Bacon? *

Has anyone ever picked sausage? Bacon is so good, I even had bacon chocolate once and it’s much better than what you are thinking right now.

Q: Rock or Country music? *

Rock! Give me some powerful vocals and a chunky bass riff and I’m a happy lady.


Go check Kay out on Social Media! Stalking (cyber stalking, nothing illegal!) is encouraged!




Amazon link to your book or author’s page.



Please Add any other links that you may like to include!



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It’s Flash Fiction Time!!Two Fingers on his left hand!

“Hey, Pix,” Andy snickered and Marcy growled shifting in her seat.
“What? You’re supposed to be watching where you are going, not harassing me, you overgrown child.”
The only response was a chorus of laughs. She glared at the men in her unit. She may be small but she had taken each and every one of them on at one point or another.
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. But the nickname fits so perfectly! I mean, I could fit your ass in my pocket!” he laughed again turning in his seat to wink at her.
“You heard Twitch, Andy! Keep your eyes open,’ she yelled, frustrated.
“Twitch and his gut don’t scare me,” he made an attempt to sound tough and turned back around.
Marcy blew out a breath, relieved that he finally listened. “Remember that time he saved your hide from sniper fire? He was going on all day about a bad feeling he was having.” She shot the men a smug look.
Twitch and his gut had saved them all a time or two. She knew Andy just liked to look tough. He had a baby on the way though, so he definitely shouldn’t be taking any chances.
Damn it!” Andy yelled as a herd of sheep decided to cross right in front of the vehicle. He slammed on the breaks and waited for the sheep to cross.
The IED must not have hit the Humvee directly but shrapnel went everywhere and the truck went airborne with the force of the explosion. The smell of Sulphur made Marcy gag and she covered her head with her arms instinctively.
A white hot pain shot through her arm a second before everything stilled.
Opening her eyes, two things became immediately clear. The truck was upside-down and she didn’t want to think about what the eerie silence must mean.
Her safety belt was holding her in her seat, but from that vantage point she could see everything with a crystal-like clarity. Rocky was missing two fingers on his left hand and a long gash across his throat.
His eyes were bugging out and she realized then why everything was silent. The explosion had damaged her ear drums.
She released her belt and slammed into the ground. A second later she was being lifted into the strong arms of the love of her life. She sighed in relief just before everything went black.

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Flash Fiction Time! Week 34 An Inch to the Left

“I hate funerals,” Mac grumbled as he yanked on the collar of his dress uniform.

Marcy looked at him disapprovingly as they walked through the cemetery on their way to Andy’s grave side service. He knew she was cutting him some slack by not elbowing him and telling him to behave. They were participating in the Military funeral service for his good friend. It hit them all hard when that IED took out his humvee in Iraq.

He looked over at his cousin. No one was hit harder by Andy’s death than Twitch. He had a rough life and those few that Twitch decided were family were the lucky ones. He made it his number one goal to protect them. To him, Andy’s death was his failure. The somber look on his face said it all. Mac could see the guilt and pain in his features. He reached over and squeezed his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

It was a weak gesture. He knew that more than anyone. How many times at his parents’ funeral did men come and clap him on the shoulder in an attempt to show condolences? Did any of it really make him feel any better? No. It didn’t. It was a gesture meant only to make them feel better. To console the young boy who became an orphan in a second. None of it was real. The weak gesture just made it worse for him now.

He felt useless for the first time in a long time. He couldn’t help Twitch. He couldn’t ease the pain of the man who went out of his way to protect them all. He looked down at his biceps remembering the tattoo Twitch had gotten the night before. “I am my brother’s keeper” is what it said and Mac had wondered briefly who would be his keeper. Who would keep his brother safe if he was always busy watching everyone else’s backs? He vowed then to no one else but himself and God that he would do whatever it took to keep Twitch safe.

They walked across the grass. Headstones were lined in neat rows some had flowers on them some didn’t. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining bright. It almost seemed wrong for the birds to be chirping and happy on such a sad day. The large canopy held the bright sun off the few mourners that were already sitting in front of the casket that was draped in the red, white and blue American Flag.

Twitch stumbled but caught himself. Mac knew what was going on. It didn’t seem real until he saw the casket sitting there with a picture of his friend in his fatigues. His blue eyes were laughing as he sat stone faced.

He looked to the front row and saw Casey sitting alone. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a bun on the top of her head and she was wearing dark sunglasses over her red puffy eyes. His heart cracked open when he saw her. She was sniffling to herself and Mac could just imagine the tiny baby in her stomach growing. She wasn’t showing yet but he remembered how excited Andy had been when he got her letter and the copy of the ultrasound picture. Now that tiny little life would never know his or her dad.

He would never be able to take them to the park or teach them to ride a bike. Mac knew all about parents missing out on their kids’ lives. He promised that no matter how things turned out between him and Marcy if they had a kid he would be there for them. His kids would always know their daddy loved them.

“This sucks,” Twitch said, his voice raw with emotion.

Mac cleared his throat, nodding his agreement. He felt Marcy’s small hand on his back and relaxed marginally.

“I’m so sorry, Casey,” he said choked up.

She looked up as if in a daze and smiled sadly at them.

“Mac, really? It’s not your fault. He loved you guys like brothers,” she replied, sad.

“We love him too. If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask,” Griffin said sadly.

Mac looked over at him. He hadn’t even heard him walk up. He had dark circles under his eyes. It looked as if he hadn’t been sleeping much. Mac knew nobody got much sleep these days. The things they had seen fighting a fruitless war had haunted each and every one of them.

Twitch choked on a sob and walked away. Poor Casey looked like she wanted to follow him. To try to comfort him in her darkest hour. He could see the tear tracts down her cheeks.

“Don’t Casey, I’ll go talk to him,” Griffin said and gave her arm a squeeze.

He walked over to Twitch and put a hand on his shoulder. Mac looked down at Marcy standing next to him looking thoughtful.

“Casey, this is Marcy, my girlfriend,” he introduced.

“Hi Marcy,” Casey said with little enthusiasm. “Andy used to talk about you all the time.”

“Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you,” she replied, distracted.

He didn’t know what was up with Marcy. She had been different since they got back. She had been the only survivor to get out of the humvee that day. Mac had pulled her out just seconds before the thing exploded and knocked Twitch unconscious. If she had moved just an inch to the left, she’d be dead right now. If the shrapnel that pierced her arm had been an inch to the right, she would be an amputee.

She was given medical leave and decided not to re-enlist so she was home much sooner than the rest of them. He was trying to be supportive but he could feel her pulling away. He didn’t want that. He had attempted to get her to talk to a counselor to no avail. She was strong willed and wouldn’t do anything until she was ready.

The minister walked up and the guys all stood at attention. Mac patted Casey’s arm and moved to the group of soldiers. All his brothers, who had been there the day Andy died.

The service was beautiful. The minister told stories about Andy that made them laugh through their collective tears. He even shed a tear for his friend. The moment he and Twitch moved forward to fold the flag was one of the hardest in his adult life. He was unable to contain the waves of emotion as he folded the flag and tucked the end.

He handed the flag to Twitch who took it to the front row and handed it over to a sobbing Casey. He whispered something to her and kissed her cheek before straightening and joining them for the twenty-one gun salute.

The sounds of the shots being fired were like a balm on his skin. They were comforting. He knew they were sending their brother off properly and he couldn’t be any more pleased that he was able to be a part of it.

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Flash This Week 33 Damn, That’s cold.

The oppressive heat was exhausting. The way the sun shone down on the desert sand blinded Mac as he walked out of the command post. They were getting ready to do a run. Mac wasn’t excited about it. Especially the way Twitch kept jumping at every noise.

“You gonna be ok, brother?” Mac asked as he eyed his cousin warily.

“Keep your eyes open. I have a bad feeling about this one,” he replied looking back and forth.

“You worry too much,” Andy said as he walked out the door.

“I keep your ass safe with my worrying mind,” Twitch reminded him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he laughed.

“How about you all stop acting like a bunch of girls and load up,” Marcy laughed maniacally as she bounced out of the room and sidled up to Mac.

“Damn, that’s cold, Pix!” Andy laughed.

Marcy lunged at him. She hated being called that. Mac chuckled to himself. She was lucky that Andy was a close friend. Any other man on that base would have taken that as a challenge. Female or not, she might be in some trouble.

Mac grabbed her around the waist and hauled her over his shoulder. Marcy shrieked and thrashed in an attempt to get away.

“Babe! Babe! You gotta calm down,” Mac laughed.

“Tim! Put me down right now!” She yelled.

Mac smacked her on the ass and looked to Griffin.

“Which Humvee is she in?”

“She’s with Andy’s team,” he replied with a look of confusion.

“Crap!” Mac swore and carried her over to the vehicle. “Andy is driving. He has to keep his eyes on the road don’t mess with him.”

“Yes, Dad,” she smirked.

Mac groaned. He knew that smirk. She wasn’t one to let things go that easily. He shook his head in defeat and yelled for Twitch.

“Tell her what you just told me,” he ordered, angry,

“Don’t do anything stupid, Pix. I have a bad feeling,” Twitch said softly.

Her eyes widened in shock and she nodded. Everyone knew not to mess with Twitch and his gut. She kissed Mac on the cheek and got into the back of the vehicle.

Love you, Big Mac,” She smirked.

Love you, Pix,” He replied. “See you in a while.”

If Mac had only known how fast that while would be he never would have let her get in that Humvee.

About twenty miles from base the truck rocked and the loud roar that filled his head nearly took him to his knees as he watched in horror as the other vehicle flipped in the air and landed on its top.

Mac and Twitch were the first to race from the truck. Twitch ran to the front of the vehicle as Mac ran to the far side and pried open the door. The smell of sulfur and gun powder nearly made him gag. It was mixed with metallic smell of blood and Mac searched the wreckage for any survivors.

He found her curled in a ball with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of her arm. She was crying like he had never heard before. He scooped her up as gently as possible. He didn’t want to hurt her but the smell of gasoline was tickling his nostrils. He had no idea how long it would be before the truck blew but he knew that it wasn’t a matter of if it blew, it was a matter of when.

Marcy moaned as he waded through the truck and as soon as he cleared the door he heard Griffin scream and a moment later they were airborne. The last thing that registered in his brain was to hold onto Marcy. Then, everything went black.

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Flash This Week 32 Don’t Hold Your Breath

He had been banging on the door to her mother’s apartment for what seemed like forever. It had been two weeks since she left him. He couldn’t take it anymore. Every day without her, his heart cracked open a little more. He couldn’t sleep, he refused to eat. He had spent the first week chasing relief at the bottom of a bottle. Twitch was getting worried about him. He didn’t care. All he wanted was to see her face again, to hold her in his arms and never let her go.
“Don’t hold your breath,” he turned towards the raspy voice of Marcy’s mother.
“What?” He asked, confused.
“You can bang on that door til the cows come home and that stubborn woman won’t answer it,” she replied.
“Why?” he asked defeated.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know why she’s so upset,” she scolded.
“It’s all a misunderstanding!” He bellowed.
“Don’t you yell at me, boy! This ain’t my doing! Give up now! No matter what you do she won’t talk to you. She’s stubborn. Move on with your life Tim. She doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore,” she scolded him and walked inside.

She shot Marcy a wry smile as she shut the door behind her. Marcy knew she had been caught the minute her mom started speaking outside the door. She just wanted to hear his voice just one more time.
“I still say you need to tell the boy,” her mom said knowingly.
The walls shook with the power of his fist on the other side of the door.
“I’m never giving up,” his voice thundered through the house and she nearly broke down into a sobbing mess on the floor.
She knew that. Tim would never give up on her if he found out. He would always want to be a part of her life. She couldn’t have that. She didn’t trust him. A clean break was what she needed. If she saw him again she might give in.
“I’m not telling him, Ma. He’s leaving for California soon and then I won’t ever have to see him again. He’ll never know,” she replied stubbornly.
“Selfish,” her mother muttered. “After the life he lost when he was just boy. tsk, tsk, tsk, If you take his family away from him he’ll never forgive you. You prepared to lose that man forever?”
She nodded. There was no other way. She couldn’t look at him without thinking of the blonde woman she had seen him with. She hardened her heart and looked to her meddling, crass, opinionated mother. Tim could never, ever find out about their baby. She would take the secret to the grave.

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Week 31 Flash This! What Are You Doing?


She couldn’t help the thoughts that ran through her head as she laid chained to the wall in the dank basement. She didn’t know how long it would be before Tim and the guys found her. She hoped that they would. The laugh that bubbled up within her was hollow and self-deprecating. She’d promised herself long ago that she would never allow herself to depend on him again. If it hadn’t been for Griffin practically begging her to treat Kaylee she never would have had to see him again.

Micheal. She sighed. What must he be thinking right now? She wondered if he was ok. She wondered if her mother was worried when she didn’t come home. She had no idea how long she’d been trapped in that basement. She drifted off to sleep thinking about that day. The day that everything changed all those years ago.

“What are you doing?” Her mother gave a disapproving scowl as she walked into the bathroom where Marcy was hovered over the toilet.

“What does it look like, Ma?” She asked irritably.

“Are you sick?” she asked, confused.

She shot her a dark look but suddenly her stomach began to roil again and she almost didn’t make it in the toilet before the entire contents of her already empty stomach pushed past her lips.

This is bad! She thought momentarily. Every morning that week she had woke up puking. She couldn’t keep anything down. She was afraid of what that meant. Terrified to take the test and find out what she already knew in her heart.

The gasp that came from her mother’s lips as she suddenly realized what was happening felt like a bullet to her chest. She didn’t want it to be true. What could she do? Tim was no longer a part of her life. She didn’t want him anywhere near her. How could she have his baby? Surely God wouldn’t be that cruel?

“You’re pregnant?” Her mother whispered.

“I don’t know, Ma. I bought a test yesterday but I’m too scared to take it,’ she replied sadly.

She flew into action then. Grabbing the test and helping Marcy up off the floor. The quick movement almost had her doubling over and dry heaving back into the toilet.

The test took entirely too long and when it finally showed up with the little plus sign in the window her heart cracked open. She stumbled to the nearest wall and slid to the floor in a heap.

A large crash had her bolting upright. A moment later, Tasha came flying down the stairs. The guys had found her and she had a feeling nothing was ever going to be the same.

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Flash This Week 30 You Stealthy Little Bitch

Her eyes shot open. The blinding pain in her head only got worse as the memories of what had happened came flooding back. She groaned and looked around wildly attempting to assess the situation. Doug was nowhere to be found. He took the restraints off her wrists and left her locked in the dimly lit room.
That was his first mistake, she thought triumphantly. She moved slowly around the dank musty room. It was some sort of basement. The wooden stairs looked as if they creaked and she climbed them gingerly. One noise could bring him back in an instant. She knew that. She also knew that if she had any hope of getting out of there she needed to hide. She finished climbing the stairs and reached the door that would lead to the rest of the house.
Locked! She knew it would be. She just desperately hoped that she could find a way out before he came back. She knew better than to pin all of her hopes on Tim. She had just recently been around him again after ten long years apart. There was so much she needed to tell him, but she didn’t want to. Now in this situation there was a good chance she would never get the opportunity.
She walked carefully back down the stairs and found a small alcove behind the stairs. The longer she stayed there the more familiar her surroundings became. She remembered this room as if it was from a dream. She hadn’t been in that basement since she had been a small child playing hide and seek with Tim and Dylan. How did she end up in his childhood home? What connection other than the obvious did Doug have to their child hood? Questions swirled through her mind as she continued to search for a way out. She remembered why they never hid in the basement. There was only one way out and it was blocked.
An idea came to her and she squeezed her tiny arm between the loose boards at the base of the stairs. Could it still be there? She felt around in the small space until the knobby end of the baseball bat brushed her fingers. Relief, at finally finding a weapon, was swift. The clicking of a lock sounded above her and she pulled at the bat with all her might. She pushed and pulled until it finally released with a thunk.
“Shit.” She heard Doug curse and his footsteps pounded down the creaky steps.
Okay Marcy, it’s now or never!
She gripped the bat in a white knuckled grip and waited for him to round the corner in search of her. She knew that he was going to find her. The spot was not the stealthiest place in the world, but she didn’t really have any other options.
Cold blue eyes came into focus and she swung as hard as she could. She meant to go for his knee but hit him in the thigh instead. He cursed and dropped. Marcy didn’t take any chances. She ran. She ran up the creaky stairs and out the door that led to the kitchen she used to have cookies and milk in as a kid. She made a grab for the front door but it seemed to be padlocked from the outside,
She wracked her brain trying in vain to remember another way out. She paused only briefly in the living room and then sprinted through the house to the back door. The glass in the door had been broken at some point and the windows were boarded up. She tried the handle and blew out a breath of relief when it opened easily. She ran through the overgrown grass of the back yard and hid behind the old tool shed.
“You stealthy little bitch!” Doug roared as he moved through the yard. “You can’t hide forever Miss Marcy.”
He chuckled and the sound grated on her ears. It was nothing compared to the fear she felt by the closeness of his voice. Right behind her. She turned carefully and looked up and up and up into the cold blue eyes of her kidnapper. That was the last thing she saw before he punched her in the temple and everything faded to blackness.

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Flash Fiction Week 29 You’re Sick

Marcy was having some major issues this week. Hell, she had been having issues for the last couple months. If it hadn’t been for stupid Griffin and the guys at GTT she wouldn’t be thinking about Tim again.

That’s a lie. She never stopped thinking about Tim for one minute over the last ten years. How could she? He was the love of her life! She definitely would have noticed the large man coming up behind her as she unlocked the door to her office.

She never would have been knocked out and woke up chained to her desk. She would have seen all this coming. They were supposed to be vigilant! There were dark forces at work and if they found out what she and the guys were up to, they would be in some serious danger.

“Doug?” she asked in horror.

This could be so much worse then I thought.

“Hello, Dr. Holcomb,” he replied with a sick smile.

There was lust in his eyes and Marcy balked at the idea of what that could mean. She was no fool when it came to fighting off an attacker, but even she couldn’t fight him off with her hands chained to the desk.

“What are you doing, Doug?” she asked with a shaky voice.

She wished in that moment that she was stronger, but after having two sessions a week with Tasha over the last month she knew that this man could not be reasoned with. He got off on the power he held over his victims.

“I have been watching you,’ he replied in what he must have thought was a sultry voice. It just made Marcy gag.

She couldn’t fight him. She knew that. The man was well over six feet with big beefy arms and a huge beer belly. He leaned closer to her and she could smell his rotten breath. It reeked of stale beer and cigarettes. She gagged and squirmed when he took her mouth with his own and rammed his tongue in.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun together,” he smiled lasciviously.

“You’re Sick!” She screeched in his face.

She didn’t even see his fist as it barreled quickly towards her face. She felt the white hot pain and attempted to blink back the spots from her vision.

Tim will come for me, was the last thought that ran through her head before everything went black.