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New!! Have you subscribed to my newsletter?

So as everyone knows by now I am getting ready to release my first Romantic Suspense novel next Wednesday February 8th! I have decided to offer a free e-book to my mailing list subscribers! If you haven’t subscribed to my mailing list yet, you can do that right here on my website! A quick and easy pop-up is right there for you! I hate spam just as much as all of you! I promise I won’t spam you and I will only send newsletters when there are exciting things happening that I would like all of my wonderful subscribers to be a part of!

So here’s the deal! Every new e-mail subscriber will get a password sent to them so they can receive the free copy of Beautiful confusion! It is a mix of my weekly flash fiction and a few bonus scenes from Mac and Marcy’s Backstory. This story directly ties in to my upcoming release! (EEK! Next week!)  So here is the link to Beautiful Delusions on Amazon!

Here is the link to the Super Awesome Facebook Party! I hope you all come because I have some AMAZING authors coming to do takeovers and I will be posting a gallery of their book covers later today!


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