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Colleen Hoover and Anthony’s Village

This is a touching story. Please share and go donate to this go fund me page!

Southern Bred & Read

Do you ever have those days that puts your life in perspective and you really feel like a piece of crap for feeling down? Today was that day for me. I met a wonderful young man by the name of Anthony via Colleen Hoover today who destroyed my heart and restored my faith in humanity.

Please Read Anthony’s Story below as told by Colleen Hoover.  Anthony is not a character,he is a real live flesh and bone human who will make you wake up and realize you’re more blessed than you know!

I tried to do this in a video, but I kept crying. And you all know how much I treasure my tough persona. So instead, I’m writing up a little backstory for my friend, Anthony. He has no idea I’m doing this, but luckily he doesn’t have a Facebook. Maybe he won’t find out right away. 😉

I met Anthony…

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