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It’s Flash Fiction Time!!Two Fingers on his left hand!

“Hey, Pix,” Andy snickered and Marcy growled shifting in her seat.
“What? You’re supposed to be watching where you are going, not harassing me, you overgrown child.”
The only response was a chorus of laughs. She glared at the men in her unit. She may be small but she had taken each and every one of them on at one point or another.
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. But the nickname fits so perfectly! I mean, I could fit your ass in my pocket!” he laughed again turning in his seat to wink at her.
“You heard Twitch, Andy! Keep your eyes open,’ she yelled, frustrated.
“Twitch and his gut don’t scare me,” he made an attempt to sound tough and turned back around.
Marcy blew out a breath, relieved that he finally listened. “Remember that time he saved your hide from sniper fire? He was going on all day about a bad feeling he was having.” She shot the men a smug look.
Twitch and his gut had saved them all a time or two. She knew Andy just liked to look tough. He had a baby on the way though, so he definitely shouldn’t be taking any chances.
Damn it!” Andy yelled as a herd of sheep decided to cross right in front of the vehicle. He slammed on the breaks and waited for the sheep to cross.
The IED must not have hit the Humvee directly but shrapnel went everywhere and the truck went airborne with the force of the explosion. The smell of Sulphur made Marcy gag and she covered her head with her arms instinctively.
A white hot pain shot through her arm a second before everything stilled.
Opening her eyes, two things became immediately clear. The truck was upside-down and she didn’t want to think about what the eerie silence must mean.
Her safety belt was holding her in her seat, but from that vantage point she could see everything with a crystal-like clarity. Rocky was missing two fingers on his left hand and a long gash across his throat.
His eyes were bugging out and she realized then why everything was silent. The explosion had damaged her ear drums.
She released her belt and slammed into the ground. A second later she was being lifted into the strong arms of the love of her life. She sighed in relief just before everything went black.

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Flash Fiction Time! Week 34 An Inch to the Left

“I hate funerals,” Mac grumbled as he yanked on the collar of his dress uniform.

Marcy looked at him disapprovingly as they walked through the cemetery on their way to Andy’s grave side service. He knew she was cutting him some slack by not elbowing him and telling him to behave. They were participating in the Military funeral service for his good friend. It hit them all hard when that IED took out his humvee in Iraq.

He looked over at his cousin. No one was hit harder by Andy’s death than Twitch. He had a rough life and those few that Twitch decided were family were the lucky ones. He made it his number one goal to protect them. To him, Andy’s death was his failure. The somber look on his face said it all. Mac could see the guilt and pain in his features. He reached over and squeezed his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

It was a weak gesture. He knew that more than anyone. How many times at his parents’ funeral did men come and clap him on the shoulder in an attempt to show condolences? Did any of it really make him feel any better? No. It didn’t. It was a gesture meant only to make them feel better. To console the young boy who became an orphan in a second. None of it was real. The weak gesture just made it worse for him now.

He felt useless for the first time in a long time. He couldn’t help Twitch. He couldn’t ease the pain of the man who went out of his way to protect them all. He looked down at his biceps remembering the tattoo Twitch had gotten the night before. “I am my brother’s keeper” is what it said and Mac had wondered briefly who would be his keeper. Who would keep his brother safe if he was always busy watching everyone else’s backs? He vowed then to no one else but himself and God that he would do whatever it took to keep Twitch safe.

They walked across the grass. Headstones were lined in neat rows some had flowers on them some didn’t. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining bright. It almost seemed wrong for the birds to be chirping and happy on such a sad day. The large canopy held the bright sun off the few mourners that were already sitting in front of the casket that was draped in the red, white and blue American Flag.

Twitch stumbled but caught himself. Mac knew what was going on. It didn’t seem real until he saw the casket sitting there with a picture of his friend in his fatigues. His blue eyes were laughing as he sat stone faced.

He looked to the front row and saw Casey sitting alone. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a bun on the top of her head and she was wearing dark sunglasses over her red puffy eyes. His heart cracked open when he saw her. She was sniffling to herself and Mac could just imagine the tiny baby in her stomach growing. She wasn’t showing yet but he remembered how excited Andy had been when he got her letter and the copy of the ultrasound picture. Now that tiny little life would never know his or her dad.

He would never be able to take them to the park or teach them to ride a bike. Mac knew all about parents missing out on their kids’ lives. He promised that no matter how things turned out between him and Marcy if they had a kid he would be there for them. His kids would always know their daddy loved them.

“This sucks,” Twitch said, his voice raw with emotion.

Mac cleared his throat, nodding his agreement. He felt Marcy’s small hand on his back and relaxed marginally.

“I’m so sorry, Casey,” he said choked up.

She looked up as if in a daze and smiled sadly at them.

“Mac, really? It’s not your fault. He loved you guys like brothers,” she replied, sad.

“We love him too. If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask,” Griffin said sadly.

Mac looked over at him. He hadn’t even heard him walk up. He had dark circles under his eyes. It looked as if he hadn’t been sleeping much. Mac knew nobody got much sleep these days. The things they had seen fighting a fruitless war had haunted each and every one of them.

Twitch choked on a sob and walked away. Poor Casey looked like she wanted to follow him. To try to comfort him in her darkest hour. He could see the tear tracts down her cheeks.

“Don’t Casey, I’ll go talk to him,” Griffin said and gave her arm a squeeze.

He walked over to Twitch and put a hand on his shoulder. Mac looked down at Marcy standing next to him looking thoughtful.

“Casey, this is Marcy, my girlfriend,” he introduced.

“Hi Marcy,” Casey said with little enthusiasm. “Andy used to talk about you all the time.”

“Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you,” she replied, distracted.

He didn’t know what was up with Marcy. She had been different since they got back. She had been the only survivor to get out of the humvee that day. Mac had pulled her out just seconds before the thing exploded and knocked Twitch unconscious. If she had moved just an inch to the left, she’d be dead right now. If the shrapnel that pierced her arm had been an inch to the right, she would be an amputee.

She was given medical leave and decided not to re-enlist so she was home much sooner than the rest of them. He was trying to be supportive but he could feel her pulling away. He didn’t want that. He had attempted to get her to talk to a counselor to no avail. She was strong willed and wouldn’t do anything until she was ready.

The minister walked up and the guys all stood at attention. Mac patted Casey’s arm and moved to the group of soldiers. All his brothers, who had been there the day Andy died.

The service was beautiful. The minister told stories about Andy that made them laugh through their collective tears. He even shed a tear for his friend. The moment he and Twitch moved forward to fold the flag was one of the hardest in his adult life. He was unable to contain the waves of emotion as he folded the flag and tucked the end.

He handed the flag to Twitch who took it to the front row and handed it over to a sobbing Casey. He whispered something to her and kissed her cheek before straightening and joining them for the twenty-one gun salute.

The sounds of the shots being fired were like a balm on his skin. They were comforting. He knew they were sending their brother off properly and he couldn’t be any more pleased that he was able to be a part of it.

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Colleen Hoover and Anthony’s Village

This is a touching story. Please share and go donate to this go fund me page!

Southern Bred & Read

Do you ever have those days that puts your life in perspective and you really feel like a piece of crap for feeling down? Today was that day for me. I met a wonderful young man by the name of Anthony via Colleen Hoover today who destroyed my heart and restored my faith in humanity.

Please Read Anthony’s Story below as told by Colleen Hoover.  Anthony is not a character,he is a real live flesh and bone human who will make you wake up and realize you’re more blessed than you know!

I tried to do this in a video, but I kept crying. And you all know how much I treasure my tough persona. So instead, I’m writing up a little backstory for my friend, Anthony. He has no idea I’m doing this, but luckily he doesn’t have a Facebook. Maybe he won’t find out right away. 😉

I met Anthony…

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Flash This Week 33 Damn, That’s cold.

The oppressive heat was exhausting. The way the sun shone down on the desert sand blinded Mac as he walked out of the command post. They were getting ready to do a run. Mac wasn’t excited about it. Especially the way Twitch kept jumping at every noise.

“You gonna be ok, brother?” Mac asked as he eyed his cousin warily.

“Keep your eyes open. I have a bad feeling about this one,” he replied looking back and forth.

“You worry too much,” Andy said as he walked out the door.

“I keep your ass safe with my worrying mind,” Twitch reminded him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he laughed.

“How about you all stop acting like a bunch of girls and load up,” Marcy laughed maniacally as she bounced out of the room and sidled up to Mac.

“Damn, that’s cold, Pix!” Andy laughed.

Marcy lunged at him. She hated being called that. Mac chuckled to himself. She was lucky that Andy was a close friend. Any other man on that base would have taken that as a challenge. Female or not, she might be in some trouble.

Mac grabbed her around the waist and hauled her over his shoulder. Marcy shrieked and thrashed in an attempt to get away.

“Babe! Babe! You gotta calm down,” Mac laughed.

“Tim! Put me down right now!” She yelled.

Mac smacked her on the ass and looked to Griffin.

“Which Humvee is she in?”

“She’s with Andy’s team,” he replied with a look of confusion.

“Crap!” Mac swore and carried her over to the vehicle. “Andy is driving. He has to keep his eyes on the road don’t mess with him.”

“Yes, Dad,” she smirked.

Mac groaned. He knew that smirk. She wasn’t one to let things go that easily. He shook his head in defeat and yelled for Twitch.

“Tell her what you just told me,” he ordered, angry,

“Don’t do anything stupid, Pix. I have a bad feeling,” Twitch said softly.

Her eyes widened in shock and she nodded. Everyone knew not to mess with Twitch and his gut. She kissed Mac on the cheek and got into the back of the vehicle.

Love you, Big Mac,” She smirked.

Love you, Pix,” He replied. “See you in a while.”

If Mac had only known how fast that while would be he never would have let her get in that Humvee.

About twenty miles from base the truck rocked and the loud roar that filled his head nearly took him to his knees as he watched in horror as the other vehicle flipped in the air and landed on its top.

Mac and Twitch were the first to race from the truck. Twitch ran to the front of the vehicle as Mac ran to the far side and pried open the door. The smell of sulfur and gun powder nearly made him gag. It was mixed with metallic smell of blood and Mac searched the wreckage for any survivors.

He found her curled in a ball with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of her arm. She was crying like he had never heard before. He scooped her up as gently as possible. He didn’t want to hurt her but the smell of gasoline was tickling his nostrils. He had no idea how long it would be before the truck blew but he knew that it wasn’t a matter of if it blew, it was a matter of when.

Marcy moaned as he waded through the truck and as soon as he cleared the door he heard Griffin scream and a moment later they were airborne. The last thing that registered in his brain was to hold onto Marcy. Then, everything went black.

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Review: Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand

Must Read Sci-Fi/Fantasy  4 1/2 stars

I received a copy of Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand from the author K.T. Munson in exchange for an honest review.

Now that the formalities are out of the way I would like to say how much I absolutely dig this book. The characters are well crafted and even though it is a fairly quick read, (which doesn’t normally appeal to me) the pacing was everything I could have hoped for. That being said, the first chapter was a bit disappointing. I would have liked to have seen the author progress with all the information and history about this planet when needed as she got there in the book. Don’t get me wrong I definitely recommend this book. It’s a solid 4 ½ stars. But, if you’re reading the first chapter and it doesn’t appeal to you do yourself a favor and hang in there it gets better.


The story progresses well and while I don’t want to give too much away because I hate spoilers I just have to say the way Azel deals with her challenges, while some would say was weak, I would say it shows her strength. She is thrown into a horrible situation, but she doesn’t give up on her morals and values. She doesn’t seek blame or cry about her luck. She is what I look for in a main character. I love strong female leads! And, she is one of the strongest I have seen.


Aleron is an amazing Hero. He starts out as the Antagonist, but you quickly see how much more he is. He is ruthless. In the world he lives in only those who are can thrive. Everything he does is for his people and while revenge is what started everything for him, throughout the book I began to realize how much more there was to this man. He was a great character who, though misguided most of the time, I found myself loving all the same

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Freeday the 13th

Hey all of my wonderful blog followers! I just wanted to let you all know that today on Friday the 13th there is a large group of Indie Authors who are giving away free books! Both my Books Born to Resist and Born For War are Free All day today! Go pick up your copy here!

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Happy Reading!

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Flash This Week 32 Don’t Hold Your Breath

He had been banging on the door to her mother’s apartment for what seemed like forever. It had been two weeks since she left him. He couldn’t take it anymore. Every day without her, his heart cracked open a little more. He couldn’t sleep, he refused to eat. He had spent the first week chasing relief at the bottom of a bottle. Twitch was getting worried about him. He didn’t care. All he wanted was to see her face again, to hold her in his arms and never let her go.
“Don’t hold your breath,” he turned towards the raspy voice of Marcy’s mother.
“What?” He asked, confused.
“You can bang on that door til the cows come home and that stubborn woman won’t answer it,” she replied.
“Why?” he asked defeated.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know why she’s so upset,” she scolded.
“It’s all a misunderstanding!” He bellowed.
“Don’t you yell at me, boy! This ain’t my doing! Give up now! No matter what you do she won’t talk to you. She’s stubborn. Move on with your life Tim. She doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore,” she scolded him and walked inside.

She shot Marcy a wry smile as she shut the door behind her. Marcy knew she had been caught the minute her mom started speaking outside the door. She just wanted to hear his voice just one more time.
“I still say you need to tell the boy,” her mom said knowingly.
The walls shook with the power of his fist on the other side of the door.
“I’m never giving up,” his voice thundered through the house and she nearly broke down into a sobbing mess on the floor.
She knew that. Tim would never give up on her if he found out. He would always want to be a part of her life. She couldn’t have that. She didn’t trust him. A clean break was what she needed. If she saw him again she might give in.
“I’m not telling him, Ma. He’s leaving for California soon and then I won’t ever have to see him again. He’ll never know,” she replied stubbornly.
“Selfish,” her mother muttered. “After the life he lost when he was just boy. tsk, tsk, tsk, If you take his family away from him he’ll never forgive you. You prepared to lose that man forever?”
She nodded. There was no other way. She couldn’t look at him without thinking of the blonde woman she had seen him with. She hardened her heart and looked to her meddling, crass, opinionated mother. Tim could never, ever find out about their baby. She would take the secret to the grave.