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Born To Resist

Hey everyone! I finally finished editing! I think it turned out great! I self published with smashwords and it should be in most major ebook retailers within the next couple days!

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Hello again!

So I have recently taken some time off from writing and I am working towards a BS degree in business sports management! I know that is a far cry from what I have been doing here but, the end goal is to start a nonprofit sports program for underprivilaged kids to help them pay the fees required to play sports. Anyway I have gotten off topic. I have decided once and for all to Self Publish my book Born to Resist and hopefully if I get all of the formatting stuff right it should be available on smashwords and it’s partner retailers soon! I also started an author page on facebook. I will post a link to that page so all of my blogging friends can check it out and see what’s happening with my book and other releases that I may have coming soon! Thanks for reading and I will try to start up with the book reviews and short stories as time goes on. Thanks again and Happy Reading!!